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take this as me being conceded if you will but


my biggest problem is that I am a light in the world


I am kind even to those that are the cruelest to meI am just even if someone disagrees with meI try even for those that have given up on meI am tender even for those that constantly hurt me


I do not hate even those that bring nothing but evil into the worldI do not judge even those that commit the most vile of crimesI do not condemn even those who are proven guilty


why am I like this?I was born this way.I know its not healthy and some may seem it as not right (the act of not hating those that deserve it) but I can’t fight my nature. I have tried.


Some call it being weak, some call it being strong. Some call it being ignorant, some call it being wise.


by Einstein’s trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity, so the only thing I am sure it is is crazy.


but after all that kindness I am still the short end of every stick. Im still the sad puppy waiting outside the lovers bedroom, im still that little light that people keep around so they can see when things get dark in their lives but I am merely a flashlight in comparison to whatever sun they have in their lives. 


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